mocolo 9H 3D UV Liquid Curved Full Glue Full Screen For Samsung Galaxy Note 20


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1. Ultra-thin and good flexibility. You do not need to worry whether the reflexes of your device would slow down after pasting the film at all.

2. High hardness. This screen film has a high hardness up to 9H hardness.

3. High definition. The film has a high light transmission. With high light transmission and low light reflection, the film can provide you with a high definition screen just as usual.

4. Functional. The protector can fit your device well and make a big difference on protecting your device from scratch, fingerprint, oil, dust and so on.When stained with fingerprint, mud, oil or other attachments, it can be cleaned without effort.

5. Convenient for use. To paste the film, you only need to do is to clean up the screen thoroughly.

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