Samsung Super Fast Charging 25W Travel Adapter (Type-C to Type-C Cable)


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Item Details
Features FAST CHARGE, LED charging indicators
Compatibilty Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy Note5, Galaxy S7, S7 Edge and later models with Qi enabled
Interface Wireless Charging(Qi), Micro USB
Dimension 102 x 102 x 20.8 mm
Weight 117 g
 *Recharge time and duration may vary according to individual usage patterns.
* Fast charging need to use Samsung-approved chargers (Travel adapter EP-TA20).
* Wireless fast charge works only with wireless fast charge compatible Galaxy devices when used with fast charge travel adapter.


Fast Charging

With new 25W USB-C Fast Charge technology, your battery can go from zero to up to 50% in about 30 minutes, so you can spend less time connected to an outlet. The 25W USB-C Fast Charge wall charger will charge USB-C devices without the Fast Charging feature as well, with up to a 2 Amp charging rate.

Rapid Charging

The Samsung Fast Charge Wall Charger plugs into any standard wall outlet via the included AC adapter. This Samsung charger has a standard output of 2 Amp to give your phone power at a much faster rate than your typical 1 Amp or 700mAh charger.


The Samsung Wall Charger also comes with a detachable USB to USB-C cable, which allows you to charge your phone from the USB port on your computer or other USB power source if you aren’t near a wall outlet. You can sync and transfer files with your Galaxy or any other smartphone using the USB-C cable.

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