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Extraordinary Sound Quality - Your Music Experience Matters

Full-bodied sound that combines deep, penetrating lows with wide-dispersing mids and highs. Despite its diminutive size, the X-SHOCK provides heavy bass courtesy of powerful 5.8mm drivers.

Natural Noise Isolation - Pure, Uninterrupted Sound

In addition to the comfort factor, the X-SHOCK's design and build also produce a natural noise isolation effect, which means all extraneous audio interference is kept to a minimum, allowing the signature SOUL sound to thrive. By guarding against unwanted ambient sound, our noise isolation technology enhances the audio experience.

Waterproof - Making a Splash: Double-injection Technology, One of the Best Water-Resistance Solutions

Nano-coating has become the standard industry technology for water resistance. By employing state-of-the-art double-injection molding, our earphones have raised the bar, guaranteeing an IPX5 water-resistance rating. In practical terms, this means the X-SHOCK is not just protected against the excess perspiration and extreme climate conditions that come with outdoor workouts. Once again, SOUL has fused audio quality with rugged-lifestyle durability to create the ultimate sports earphones.

Stable Connectivity - Pure Gold, Solid Connectivity

In any wireless earphones, connectivity is of paramount importance. Instead of the conventional copper alloy that most of our competitors run with, the X-SHOCK is built with a gold-plated antenna which gives you the maximum stability in your connection, so that you'll never lose that crisp, well-rounded SOUL signature sound.

Up to 60 Hours of Playtime - Length Matters

Every dedicated athlete should be able to go as hard as they want for as long as they want. By giving you up to 60 hours of playtime on the go, the X-SHOCK keeps you powered up longer than any other true wireless earphones on the market. Complete with protective flip lid, the portable charging case offers up to 18 recharges. That's multiple workouts covered right there. With a mere 90 minutes needed for a full recharge, you'll have ample power to keep you going in even the most unforeseen of circumstances.

The Perfect Fit - Ergonomic Design that Guarantees the Perfect Fit

The ultimate in ergonomics, the X-SHOCK is custom-made with the highest quality materials to guarantee the perfect fit. The perfectly designed contours of these earphones keep them securely in place at all times. With such unparalleled physical stability, there's never any danger of losing your essential workout soundtrack mid-flow.

Safety LEDs with Transparent White Edition - Nocturnal Visibility

Studies reveal a clear link between poor visibility and night-time accidents. With your safety in mind, SOUL has incorporated a flashing LED function to provide maximum visibility for nocturnal outdoor activity. No longer will you have to worry about traffic as you hit the road after dark. The X-SHOCK's built-in safety LED lights ensure your every movement will be visible to motorists and pedestrians alike.

Lightweight Champion: Only 135g for Charging Box, 6g for Each Earphones

At 6 grams, the X-SHOCK is a lightweight training companion. Indeed, with their snug fit and distinct lack of bulk, these earphones become one with the ear and are barely noticeable during even the most physically demanding of exercise routines. The portable charging case is similarly sleek when carried to and from workouts, weighing in at just 135 grams. With weight and size always an issue for performance athletes, SOUL has stripped everything down to bare essentials with the X-SHOCK.

Instant Auto-pairing Function: The Perfect Pair

When you're itching to get moving, a delay is the last thing you want. The X-SHOCK's seamless auto-pairing function means this need never be an issue. Dispensing with the hassle of manual adjustments, the earphones are locked onto your mobile device the second you remove them from the charging case. No more waiting to connect.

SOUL Control: Seamless Control of Your Mobile Device Functions

Stay in SOUL control with flawless interaction between your earphones and mobile device. Making and receiving calls, browsing playlists, and maneuvering your way around various apps is easy with the user-friendly functionality and advanced connectivity the X-SHOCK provides.

Stay Connected, Stay Charged

With Bluetooth 5.0 pairing, the X-SHOCK keeps you perfectly connected at a distance of up to 10 meters, meaning you can cast your portable device aside and give your full focus to the task in hand.

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