Xiaomi FeiZhi Wasp Rocker Button Shooting Physical Connection One-hand Mobile Game Gamepad


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1. Left-handed gamepad, rocking button to control the positional shooting, greatly releasing the pressure of the left-hand thumb 360-degree screen, the right hand holding the original, no unnecessary structural interference, creating a pure half-handle half-screen operation Experience.

2. Capacitor space mapping, physical signal analog touch screen, free Bluetooth connection, Apple mobile phone can be used by inserting the handle.

3. For the first time you need to enter the in-game custom button.

4. Native support for App Store games, no need to change package adaptation.

5. ALPS shakes, small and precise, long service life, strong wear resistance

Sex, to eliminate the troubles caused by handcuffs.

6. Ergonomic button structure design, directly to avoid the hard practice, easy to achieve three-finger, four-finger operation.

7. Silicone grease + graphene double heat dissipation, to avoid system heating and frequency reduction, the game is stuck.

8. 300mAh battery capacity, less than 20mA working current, about 15 hours of long battery life.

9. Small and portable.

10. For iPhone 8 Plus / 8 / 7 Plus / 7 / 6s Plus / 6s / 6 Plus / 6.


1. Connection method: Capacitor space mapping.

2. Operating current: less than or equal to 20mA.

3. Input voltage: 5V.

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